Sustainable Travel Planning

Brian Peddie pioneered Sustainable Travel Planning in schools in Australia. As Director of Sustainable Transport Programs for the Victorian Department of Transport, Brian oversaw schools taking up sustainable travel planning, particularly in partnerships with local government, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the Catholic Education Office and
individual schools.

In 2003 Brian developed and managed a pilot with 33 Victorian schools that saw some schools reduce their total car trips to school from over 70% to under 40%, with a corresponding increase in walking, cycling and other active transport. He also pioneered a community development approach aimed at leaving ongoing school community managed sustainability strategies.

Recently he assisted UrbanTrans to develop baseline data and strategies for schools in the City of Moonee Valley, Victoria.

Institutions, Workplaces and Communities
At the Department of Transport, Brian also oversaw the development of a comprehensive plan for sustainable travel planning based around clusters of activity. This included travel plans in workplaces, particularly areas where employment was concentrated, institutions such as tertiary education and hospitals, as well as activity centers.

Mode of school travel in Victoria, Australia, 1974 to 2003. Source: Peddie and Somerville Road & Transport Research 2006.

School travel planning changed travel modes in Victoria, Australia, 2007 to 2008.

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